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Do I own the rights to assets that I produce using Layer?

You own the assets you create with Layer as long as you comply with the rules stated in our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

How do you use my assets?

We use your assets only to improve your experience and not other people’s, including other Layer customers. We don’t and will never use your asset for any other purpose without asking for your explicit approval. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details on how we process your assets and personal data.

Are you performing any studies using our assets?

No. Our user's assets are not shared with each other or are used towards one big base model for training purposes. We do not perform any studies ourselves.

Do the styles I train in my workspace affect someone else's style in any way?

No - all trainings are done in isolation specific to your workspace. No trainings in different workspaces are affected by each other.

Will other users have access to my work?

No, your work on Layer is completely secure and private. Layer is specifically designed for professional creators, providing a secure workspace where you can confidently bring your ideas to life without worrying about your privacy. None of your data is utilized to train AI models or influence the experiences of other users. Your creative endeavors remain yours and yours alone, safeguarded within our platform.

However in the event that you're using a public style and wanted to post an image to style's page, your creation of your choice would appear on the styles page as a posted image but that would be it.

Do you limit the content that can be produced on Layer?

We do not apply any limits at the moment. We plan to address such requests on a case-by-case basis.

Does Layer provide transparency on the actions that are performed on the platform?

Yes, Layer provides audit logs. Information such as date/time of generation, user who generated, specific model name/version, Input prompt and other control parameters, all outputs received are all provided under Prompt History.

Can I export prompt history?

Yes, we’re working on this feature to be released in early 2024.

As an agency, I provide art outsourcing services. Do you require me to have proof of eligibility?

As long as you have their permission, we won’t require proof that you’re able to use their assets in Layer.

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