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What is an evaluation prompt and what do I write for it?
What is an evaluation prompt and what do I write for it?

Learn how to write training prompts and what they are used for

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After captioning your images during style creation, you’ll also need to pick some evaluation prompts. These text prompts will be used during training to generate sample images so that you can evaluate how the custom style is doing across the eight style variations you're presented.

We’d recommend at least 3 sample prompts that cover a range of intended use cases. For example, if you have a custom style that is meant for inventory objects, you could use the following example prompts:

  1. A silver sword with a golden hilt and a red jewel on the tip of the handle.

  2. A red healing potion with a cork and bubbles inside it

  3. Ancient scroll with runes written on it tied with a frayed blue rope

You can edit these prompts at any time on your style page> edit style> training prompts.

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