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Example Training: Decorative items

Guide to Show How to Train Layer for Decorative Game Items.

Updated over a week ago

One of the most common needs for game creators are the decorative items. We have recorded the end-to-end process for training a style for them.

Quick note: Since when the video was recorded, we added auto-captioning feature to help populate captions for our users to save time so don't be surprised if you see captions being auto-populated for you. Please make sure to still review them and add/remove details as you please.

Some of the key points to highlight regarding this training:

  • If you are needing assets in a specific angle, please upload images respectively for AI to consistently produce you the assets in your desired position.

  • Follow the same format for each asset for cleanest outputs.

  • Upload as many variations as possible if you have any if not, please follow the suggested method in this article to enrich your training set.

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