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How Can I Create Reference Assets on Layer?
How Can I Create Reference Assets on Layer?

A guide to show you can use some of Layer features to generate reference images

Updated over a week ago

Layer is designed to support creators if all sizes to train and create their own ai models in Layer words "styles". Supporting world's top gaming companies and artists we feel socially responsible to promote ethnical use of AI.

That being said it's important to embrace and monitor closely the pulse of the open-source community and enable world's leading open-source AI models for our users to

test, experiment with, and utilize them to help unleash their creative potential.

We made SDXL by Stability AI available for our users to create any reference images they may want. If you don't want to see or this open-source model in your Layer workspace you can remove it any time from your workspace.

Here are a few examples prompts we used for inspiration:

Example 1:

sprite sheet for a farm simulation game

Example 2:

a perfectly drawn set of floor tiles for an RPG game, top down view.

Example 3:

hell themed environment concept sketches, skulls, candles, orange and red themed.

Finding reference images to drive inspiration has always been a huge need. Now thanks to AI it's easier than ever. In order to accelerate the creative process of our creators we added a feature which allows users to use any style to bring their ideas to life and save them as inspiration and/or create new variations based on these references in a simple and efficient way.

Here is a quick video showing how to use SDXL to create a reference image to guide your own creations in your custom style.

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