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How did the two-person indie game studio, Celestial Alpaca, create over 200 game assets using Layer AI?
How did the two-person indie game studio, Celestial Alpaca, create over 200 game assets using Layer AI?

Indie Developers' Journey in Creating All of Their Game Assets with Layer AI

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Who are Celestial Alpaca Studios?

Celestial Alpaca Studios is a small indie studio from Istanbul, Turkey founded by a team of 2 young ambitious developers with big dreams. The team's number one mission is to produce simple, fast and action-packed games that appeal to all age groups and to publish these games on various platforms such as PC and mobile devices.

How does AI benefit the team?

"By using the latest AI technologies, we not only improve the visual and programming aspects of our games, but also minimize the game development process and costs. We were able to produce assets super-fast at least 2-3x faster and ship our game Astro Panic in early access in total of 2 months" says Can Deniz Gumus, Co-founder of Celestial Alpaca Studios.

How did you use Layer AI in your game development journey?

"Astro Panic is a game where players need to survive against waves of enemies and bosses of increasing difficulty. At the end of each wave, players can upgrade their spaceships to increase their abilities. When defeated, players can use their accumulated scores and gold to permanently strengthen their ships or unlock new ships based on achievements. This progression system ensures that each new game becomes a harder and more rewarding challenge. This offers the player a new experience in every game. We used Layer for all of these assets" adds Gumus.

How many assets did you need in total?

With Layer we produced around 200+ Images in total

- Spaceships
- Enemies
- Bosses
- In-Game Power-ups
- Collectibles

Additional assets we supplied from elsewhere to finish the game:

9 Music Tracks
50+ Sound Effects
30+ Animations

Astro Panic is now available in Early Access on Steam!

  • Spaceships

Style used: Game Icons v2.

example prompts:

spaceship, red
spaceship, green, red
spaceship, green, red, purple

  • UI Elements

style used: Game UI V1, Deliberate V2

example prompts:

space game, frame, realistic
space game frame

  • Power ups

style used: Game Icons V2

example prompts:

space game, damage, movement speed, low, pistol
space game, health, regeneration, low
space warrior gun, weapon, semi auto, sniper
space gun projectile
space turret, circular, symmetrical
space, metallic, collectable points

  • Enemies

style used: Game Icons V2

example prompts:

armored, shiny, magenta, green.
space game, armored, yellow.
space game, armored, yellow, titanium, shiny, powerful, magenta, green.
spaceship, alien, yellow

  • Collectibles & Resources

style used: Game Icons v2.

example prompts:

space fragment, metallic, mechanic
space fragment, metallic, mechanic, robotic, modules, titanium, different shape

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