What makes Layer unique?

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What’s your background in AI?

Layer started in 2020 to build a world class, scalable, and fast AI platform for developers. We learned a lot but didn’t manage to achieve the results we were looking for. Towards late 2022, with the advent of the great Generative AI revolution, our team quickly realized the potential for applying this to gaming and adapted the technology we developed over two years towards building the most performant, scalable, and user-friendly Generative AI solution on the market for 2d game assets.

What’s your background in gaming?

Our founder Mehmet Ecevit has founded and run seven companies within the gaming space! His previous company, Gram Games, pioneered the concept of merge games and was acquired by Zynga for a total value nearing half a billion dollars. As a result of his experience, Mehmet has a deep understanding of the needs of both gamers and gaming companies.

What makes Layer unique?

Layer empowers artists to generate images based on their own art style, allowing them to continue to iterate on these images via its best-in-class AI-assisted canvas.

Currently, Layer is the only gen-ai solution fully dedicated to game artists, which offers this level of style-consistent output quality, speed of generation, easy-to-use interface and a clear product direction and development roadmap which is 100% committed to solving game artists' challenges.

What parts of the artist's workflow does Layer plan to solve in the long term?

We are working on expanding our offering to capture more parts of the art pipelines.

What type of customer saw the value in Layer first?

Our first few pilots were with top mobile game companies focused on making 2D games, and the trajectory continued similarly. Top gaming companies spend a significant portion of their budget on art production, whether it’s for marketing or love operations. We look forward to showing gaming companies a more efficient )path (both cost and time!) using Layer.

Even though Layer is built with enterprise customers' needs in mind first, we believe Layer s well-positioned to solve all game creators' challenges (regardless of size or resources) thanks to its extensive features and price plans that allow anyone to start creating easily.

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