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How to Create Stylish Letters for Slots Games
How to Create Stylish Letters for Slots Games

In This Article, You Will Learn How to Use Layer AI to Create Your Stylish Characters.

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Create stylish letters

Prompt: A letter ‘B’ made of water

1. With Public Styles (Starter Sets and Featured Styles)

Layer offers a simple and powerful way to create elegant letters with generic AI models, in Layer terms "Styles". All you need is a sketch to define the shape of the letter and a text prompt to describe the texture.

For example, the below screenshot shows that a generic model ‘Stable Diffusion XL’ is taking a sketch image with a letter B as input reference, and the text prompt suggests that the result should contain some floral features.

This way, your forge result may look like below:

2. With Custom Trained Styles

What if you want the letter generated in your preferred style? In a professional Layer plan, you are able to train your custom models for this purpose. This way you can train using your own libraries and then generate art in your style. Without tweaking anything, you may find your existing custom models already can forge stylish letters, even if they were not designed for this.

For example: I have a style custom trained for mobile game human characters; Every image in my training data contains human characters and no alphabets, where one training image contains flowers in the background of a female character. Taking the same sketch reference and text prompt as before, this custom model can forge a result like below, which matches my training style.

Bonus tip: You can also explicitly train a model for stylish letters. Your uploaded training data shall contain some letter images in your design, decorated in your style, standing on your preferred background pattern, and captioned properly. During the forge, still with a reference sketch, you will be able to use prompt to specify one of the font styles you have trained.

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