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Example Training: Clothing Items

A How to Guide for Training Your Styles for Clothing Items.

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  1. Go to Style studio from your Home Page

  2. Click on create new style.

  3. Select your use case.

  4. Review image upload guidelines and prepare your assets.

  5. Select input images to be uploaded from your Layer Drive.

  6. Formatting assets accurately is crucial for getting quality outputs.

  7. Once images are uploaded, Layer’s smart captioning feature will analyze and prepare captions in a matter of seconds.

  8. Make sure to review all the captions to ensure they include the correct and relevant information about the input images. You can remove redundant parts of the text.

  9. Make sure the captions include key characteristics so that AI can learn to create new variations of them. For example: "white patterned and orange shirt" so that AI knows the color and patterns are variables.

  10. Once you’re done editing and reviewing your captions, Layer will ask you to come up with a minimum of three evaluation prompts. These are key words or sentences which will help you to test how your style will perform.

  11. Once done, you can hit ‘create style. You will receive an email once your style is ready.

  12. While your style is generating, you can write a description for your style and add featured images to help other team members navigate it.

  13. When your style is fully baked, you can select different variations from your style’s edit page. The latest variation will be selected by default, but you can switch to the other models will be available at a later time if desired.

  14. Layer’s unlimited plans allow producing infinite variations from your former library.

  15. You can forge as many times as you like and edit on canvas when finding your favorite.

  16. After upscaling and removing the background, you can export your asset as a PNG or PSD, that will allow users to take the assets wherever they go.

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