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Creating Marketing Compositions with Your Characters
Creating Marketing Compositions with Your Characters

A guide for creating marketing assets for your launched title

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Creating style-consistent marketing assets with Layer is easy. Layer allows you to build your marketing assets on its powerful canvas and merge or export them in layers for final touch ups on other tools like PS.

The only thing you need is a paid plan which supports custom styles. Read more about how to create styles here.

For this workflow showcase we used the following from Layer's Starter Styles.

  • Game Backgrounds

  • Game Characters

  • Game UI

1. Forging your scenes

1.0 Select your style

1.1 Prompt “a red and white kitchen, tiled floor"

1.2 Edit by selecting an area with mask tool " red and white floor tiles"

1.3 Make further edits using your brush, color picker reforge “red and white floor tiles”

1.4 Finalize your scene by merging all layers

2. Create your character

If you have a character style ready you can use that style for creating your character in different emotions and poses.

2.1 Prompt to generate your character or render a quick sketch.

Here is a basic prompt we used for creating this brand new character:

2.2. Make edits

Added heart logo on the apron then hat using our brush tool and forged 'a heart logo'

2.3 Create your character in different moods

Using the combination of a mask and forge is needed. You can certainly avoid capturing the whole face if you don't want the emotions to change too much and instead make edits on smaller areas like eyebrows and mouth. Yet on this example we are changing the whole face for bigger changes in expressions.

Playing with prompt strength and similarity while adjusting your prompts will be critical in finding the best working settings.

Forge results for "happy face", (original face), "sad face", "surprised face" prompts are shown below. Remember to play with forge similarity and prompt strength to see variations. It may take a few forges to get the results you're looking for.

3.0 Add your UI elements to finalise your creatives

3.1 Hide your layers

3.2 Create a new layer

3.3 Create a button using your brush

3.4 Forge in Game UI style

3.5 Remove Background

4.0 Import your CTA

To watch another similar workflow you can check out this video:

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