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How do I crop and expand images?
How do I crop and expand images?

Cut unwanted areas or fill in blank areas.

Updated over a week ago

The crop tool is available in canvas.

It helps you cut what you don't want in your image and also expand your image with the help of refill.

Cropping your image

When you enable the Crop Tool (C) a settings screen will be visible on the right.

Here you can:

  • Set the width of the crop area

  • Set the height of the crop area

Fill in blank areas

When you want to extend your image, you can easily use the cropping tool and Layer will refill the empty areas magically. To refill:

  • Enable Crop tool with C or by clicking in the left toolbar section

  • Expand the cropping area bigger than your image.

  • Hit Refill in the crop options menu on the right.

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