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Going from Reference Sketches Into Production-Ready Assets
Going from Reference Sketches Into Production-Ready Assets

How to go from sketch to final asset.

Updated over a week ago

Uploading a sketch to Layer is a fantastic way for artists to utilize simple sketches and have the AI handle more of the detailed rendering, while still maintaining control over the final output. There are two types of sketches supported on Layer:

To upload a sketch, head over to Prompt Box and add a Black & White Sketch or Color Sketch options.

After uploading the sketch, you can use the "Image Similarity" slider to adjust how much the generated output should match the reference sketch. A higher % image similarity will cause the output images to more closely match the reference sketch.

Here is an example output generated in 'Game Icons V2' Style based on a Black & White Sketch reference:

For Color Sketches the flow would be the same except you'd need to select Color Sketch as your Reference Type.

Here is a quick video showing how to go from a reference Color Sketch to Production-Ready asset in minutes.

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